Greenfield K-9 recovers after being hit by car during chase

GREENFIELD — A Greenfield police K-9 is recovering after being hit by a vehicle while chasing a suspect Sunday night.

According to the Greenfield Police Department, Patrolman Caleb Freeman and K-9 Ace were on patrol when they observed a car breaking traffic on North State Street.

Officer Freeman initiated a traffic stop and observed that the driver, identified as Patrick D. Mix, showed signs of intoxication.

While waiting for a backup officer to arrive, Mix sped away from the traffic stop. Finally he stopped and began to flee on foot. Patrolman Freeman sent K-9 Ace after Mix.

Police said just before they caught Mix, K-9 Ace was hit by a vehicle on North Spring Street.

Assisting officers were able to apprehend Mix and take him into custody.

K-9 Ace was taken to an Indianapolis pet hospital where he is still recovering. Police said Ace didn’t break any bones, but is bruised and bruised.

The driver of the vehicle cooperated with police.

Mix is ​​being held in the Hancock County Jail. He is preliminarily charged with unlawful possession of a firearm by a serious and violent felon (level 4 felony), resisting a law enforcement vehicle (level 6 felony), resisting law enforcement – forcible resistance (a crime) and driving a vehicle while intoxicated. 08-.15 (C misdemeanor).