Strong storms leave the green country on Monday; More rain likely this week

A complex of storms barreled across southern Kansas early Monday morning and crossed central and eastern Oklahoma by mid-day.

What will the weather be like in Oklahoma on Monday, June 3?

Highs on Monday are expected to be in the upper 70s to low 80s. Colder patches may develop locally in areas affected by showers and thunderstorms from morning to midday. The rest of the week should see lows in the 60s and highs in the mid to upper 80s.

Humidity levels will remain high, but heat index values ​​are expected to remain in the low to mid 90s for the middle of the week. Please be aware of the surrounding weather on Monday due to the threat of severe thunderstorms.

What are the chances of a thunderstorm for the week in Oklahoma?

Another disturbance is likely to affect the area late Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, with additional chances from southern Kansas into northern OK.

As the aforementioned cold front approaches the area late Wednesday night into early Thursday morning, we will see a few scattered showers and thunderstorms near this border, but the likelihood of a larger complex of storms appears low with this initial intrusion into the border early Thursday . morning.

We’ll see warm and humid weather Thursday and Friday before the storm train with northwesterly flow energizes with additional chances over the weekend.

A complex weather pattern is set to develop over the next few days, extending into the weekend, due to upper-level airflow and multiple opportunities for storms in and around the local area.

The prevailing pattern favors the formation of late night and early morning storm complexes that will cross the region, led by upper northwesterly air flow. The day-to-day variability of this pattern will continue, with Monday’s weather influencing Tuesday’s conditions.

Predicting the exact timing and location of these events is challenging because of model variability. However, there is growing confidence of a surface front (cold front) arriving around Wednesday and Thursday.

While this boundary is not expected to bring significant temperature changes, it may serve as a catalyst for additional storm activity from Friday into the weekend along with the anticipated upper air flow.

The extended forecast will include storm chances throughout the weekend, with an emphasis on storm complexes that may pose some severe weather threats, mainly damaging winds and the potential for locally heavy rainfall.

Outages in Oklahoma:

Northeast Oklahoma has various power companies and electric cooperatives, many with overlapping coverage areas. Below is a link to various outage maps.

PSO outage map

OG&E outage map

VVEC disruption map

Indian Electric Cooperative (IEC) outage map.

Oklahoma Electric Cooperative Association Outage Map – (Note that several smaller cooperatives are included)

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