Is it coming to Europe soon?


European release

Is the Apple Vision Pro about to take the world by storm? We collect all the rumors about the launch of the headphones in the global market.

Rumors and reports

European release imminent?

Apple is reportedly preparing its European stores for the launch of the Vision Pro: store employees in France and the UK have been instructed to clear storage space. In some stores, large pallets of sofas have already arrived for demonstration purposes.

A simultaneous release in several European countries, including Germany, as well as Canada and Asia, is expected for the third or fourth week of July. Apple will likely use the WWDC keynote on June 10 to announce the international release in addition to visionOS 2.

Apple Vision Pro will soon be released outside the US

Apple is reportedly preparing to launch the Vision Pro outside the US. The company currently trains hundreds of store employees in Germany, France, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and China in Cupertino, California. The goal is to teach employees how to demonstrate the device to customers. The international launch is expected to take place after the Worldwide Developers Conference in early June.

Launching in Japan as early as May?

A reference to Apple’s Vision Pro accessories could indicate a possible release of the headset in Japan in early May. Japanese website Macotakara spotted a mention of Apple Vision Pro accessories on local online sales platform Line Shopping.

This platform claims to be an official Apple retailer and is currently running a promotion that excludes Apple Vision Pro accessories. The promotion runs until May 6, 2024, and according to Apple Insider, Apple may have already announced a week of pre-orders for the headphones via the press release.

Apple will train employees in France

Apple is rumored to begin training sales staff in France this summer on how to use a “new product.” This could be the VR/AR headset, as the Vision Pro is the only Apple product not yet launched in France.

The announced training is expected to last for two weeks. In the United States, Apple began sales training in mid-January, and the Vision Pro was launched in February.

Apple Vision Pro: China announcement

As reported by Reuters, Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed the launch of the Vision Pro in China this year. This makes China the first publicly confirmed country outside the US to launch the Vision Pro. Cook was invited to the China Development Forum in Beijing and answered questions from the media on March 24, 2024.

New languages ​​for the virtual keyboard

According to MacRumors, Apple is currently preparing Vision Pro for release in new countries and adding twelve new languages ​​to the virtual keyboard. The magazine, which specializes in rumors about the iPhone company, claims to have discovered a corresponding extension in the keyboard code. So far, only American English is supported with the appropriate emoticons.

The new languages ​​could indicate up to nine new markets for which the Apple Vision Pro is ready. According to MacRumors, the keyboard will soon support the following languages ​​and language variants: Cantonese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), English (Australia), English (Canada), English (Japan), English (Singapore), English (UK), French (Canada), French (France), German (Germany), Japanese and Korean.

Briefing Experience looking for specialists

Apple also posted jobs in Australia, China and Japan. The company is looking for “Briefing Experience Specialists” for sales to introduce the Vision Pro features to potential customers. Similar jobs have already been posted in the UK.


Apple Vision Pro: So far only available in the US

The Apple Vision Pro was released in the US in early February for $3,500 for the lowest memory version. An estimated 200,000 to 250,000 units were sold at launch. If you live outside the US, you must travel and import the VR/AR headset yourself.

However, Apple announced at the launch of the Vision Pro that the device will be available in other countries later this year, without giving exact dates. According to rumors, Vision Pro may be available in other countries before the Worldwide Developers Conference in June 2024, while Europe may not be served until late 2024 or later. Apple Vision Pro boasts 4K high resolution per eye and the power of Apple’s M2 chip.