OKC Thunder rumors may have even less value due to flexibility

The Oklahoma City Thunder will find themselves in the middle of a ton of rumors between now and when the dust settles on the offseason in August. With the Thunder having a top five in the league’s cap space, plenty of future draft assets and a core that was good enough to get the Thunder 57 wins and the top seed in the fractious Western Conference.

Given the Thunder’s willingness to check almost every available player, the flexibility their roster gives them to go in any direction, and the resources available to make a move, Oklahoma City could go get almost any available player if they want.

This will lead to OKC being included in a multitude of reports, which is where observers need to be wise. The wording of the report is often speculative. The call also rarely comes from inside the house.

A report on what rival teams expect the boys from Bricktown to do holds just a little more water than you or I opining on what move the Thunder should make this summer. These are the grounds for a lot of scuttlebutt this time of year.

To an extent, the Thunder are a victim of their own success both on the hardwood and in their preparation to have the resources to make moves. However, the Thunder have no problem with the plethora of reports being thrown around to give them any misdirection advantage this offseason.

In this day and age of reporting every crumb you hear, it’s harder than ever for fans to discern what to hang onto, especially when all the moves make logical and logistical sense.

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