Dog runs 4 miles to rescue owner after accident

BAKER CO., Ore. (WANE) – A dog ran four miles to rescue its owner after it fell over a patio in Baker County, Oregon. The accident happened in early June, when the driver was on his way to a camp to meet his family.

The man failed to negotiate a curve, sending him and his four dogs down an embankment, according to the Baker County Sheriff’s Department. One of the dogs traveled four miles to the camp after the accident, which alerted the family that something was wrong.

The man was able to crawl about 100 meters from his vehicle, where he stayed overnight. The next morning, his family searched for and located his vehicle. The three remaining dogs were also found alive at the crash site, according to police.

Rescue crews responded to find the vehicle and a dog in the steep, covered ravine. Police heard the driver screaming for help. They found him above a stream. Police administered first aid while firefighters and U.S. Forest Service employees used chainsaws to clear a path to rescue the man, according to police.

The rescue team installed several ropes to pull the man out of the ravine. They were able to load him into a rescue basket and pull him up the ravine via a highline rope system. A helicopter was waiting and he was taken to a hospital, police said.